The Mobile MaxPure™ (MMP)

The Mobile MaxPure™ (MMP) is a fully integrated, turnkey solar solution designed to pump, purify and desalinate water, and can provide auxiliary power and communications. The MMP is a mobile, self-powered, off-grid system that does not require a connection to the electric grid nor a constant supply of diesel fuel.

Key features include:

  • 4 kW foldable solar array
  • 3 kW AC inverter
  • 31 kWh deep cycle battery bank allows for nighttime operations
  • AC/DC electric load center creates charging station for medical devices, cell phones, laptops etc.
  • Purification from freshwater, brackish water and seawater sources
  • Will purify up to 30,000 gallons per day (110,350 liters) from ultrafiltration water treatment
  • Will purify up to 3,000 – 4,000 gallons per day (11,350 liters) from reverse osmosis water treatment
  • Ruggedized – military approved
  • RO systems treats water up to 45,000 PPM TDS (seawater)
  • Water purification system that meets WHO/EPA guidelines for clean drinking water
  • Fully integrated and operational on-site in 30 minutes
  • Highly transportable to area of greatest need, redeployable to areas of emerging demand and scalable to meet demands of volume
  • Safety and backup systems including auxiliary generator input
  • 25 year estimated life and low maintenance
  • If water purification unit is bypassed, unit is able to pump 70 – 100,000 gpd for flood dewatering or irrigation
  • Field level support package
  • One year of consumables
Mobile MaxPure™ – Fresh Water Purification

The Mobile MaxPure™ (MMP) Freshwater System pumps and purifies an average of 30,000 gallons (113,500 liters) each day at a cost of less than one (1) penny per gallon. This calculation includes capital costs and all consumables over the course of the first year. After the first year, the cost reduces to fractions of a penny per gallon because the capital outlay has been paid off.

The unit also provides power to run lights, tools, equipment and sensitive computers and other electronic equipment. Inverter systems for use with US or European specifications are available. Optional satellite communication systems and a custom trailer are also available.

The MMP fits easily into standard international shipping containers; four (4) fit into a standard 40-foot container. There are lift points built on to the sturdy frame to airlift the unit by helicopter. It can also be transported by truck or boat.

The MMP is powder coated to reduce rust and all components are marine grade and sealed against the elements. The MMPs have provided water and power under severe conditions.

Click here for Mobile MaxPure™ Spec Sheet

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