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Ignite Innovations USA is a Partner company of Ignite Properties Ghana Ltd. We market and promote innovative products that offer solution to basic human needs and help sustain the environment. Water is life essential!

According to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme 2017 report on the progress of drinking water recently published its 2017 update. The report finds that in 2015, 29% of the global population (2.1 billion people) lacked safely managed drinking water services.

Every year there are more than 3.4 million deaths from waterborne diseases, making it the leading cause of disease and death around the world.

What’s worse is that most of those deaths are young children, about 4,000 a day. At any given time, close to half of the population in the developing world are suffering from some type of waterborne disease.

These deaths are due to the effects of unsafe drinking water, most of which are completely preventable.

Ignite Innovations and Ignite Properties mission is to work, market and promote innovative companies such as WorldWater & Solar Technonlogies whose innovations in technology provide solutions to basic human needs around the world to ensure every community have access safe drinking water for healthy living.

We promote and market Solar Water Purification equipment by WorldWater & Solar Technologies company of USA.

Founded in 1984, in USA; 2019 marks 30 years of service in 30 countries, making it perhaps the longest running, broadest reach solar systems company in the world. They develop, design and build integrated solar and water systems for solar power generation, irrigation and water purification for commercial, government, villages, military, non-profit & disaster relief sectors. They are the Industry Leaders with 30 years’ Success in Solar Technologies for Pumping & Purifying Water in over 30 Countries around the globe. They are the Longest Operating Solar Systems Company in America and they have branched beyond 30 years providing Government Agencies, Countries, and Military organizations worldwide with life’s critical solutions.

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No project is too small, No community is too far, No grid power is not a problem.WorldWater’s principals and engineers have a proven track record of design and build success with solar platforms for agribusiness, water management and other commercial and industrial applications. We have developed a portfolio of patents on power management and interconnection technology that enables solar energy to drive pumps and motors up to 1000 horsepower. These systems can operate off-grid or in conjunction with the grid or diesel generation. WorldWater has provided its unique solar pumping expertise to farms, ranches, dairies and public water agencies across the United States and abroad.  WorldWater and Solar brings water purification solution anywhere in the world!

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